Holiday Inn in Novi Sad opens in spring 2013

The Holiday Inn Novi Sad opens in spring 2013second hotel of the world-renowned hotel chain Holiday Inn in Serbia will be opened in spring 2013 in Novi Sad. The first team of that facility officially starts to work in September 2012 and its task is to lay foundations over the next period for the hotel's successful performance. The "pre-opening" phase is crucial for each new hotel. Depending on the type and size of a hotel, that phase can last for 12 to 18 months (medium-sized and large hotels) or six to nine months (hotels with about 50 rooms). In this phase, the foundations must be laid for later smooth functioning of the hotel. If a mistake is made in the pre-opening phase, consequences will be felt later, and they are often quite serious - said people at Savath Hospitality Management, which is hired to manage the project and hotel operations. Aleksandar Gradnja will invest EUR 11 million in a 10,000-square-meter hotel that will be situated at the intersection of Subotica boulevard and Futog road. The authors of the project are designers from Belgrade-based Zenit Inzenjering, led by architect Mustafa Music.