Restaurant SAČ - Implementation Of The HACCP System

Restoran Sač In order to implement the HACCP system and ensure food safety, Savath Hospitality Management has established cooperation with “Sač” restaurant in Zemun, Belgrade. Savath HM provides consulting services on site, and in collaboration with restaurant’s staff, business is organized according to the requirements of HACCP systems, laws, regulations and codes. Ethno restaurant “Sač” is located in the old part of Zemun, and can accommodate 60 guests inside and 70 in the garden. Restaurant's specialty are dishes prepared in a traditional way of cooking under “sač” for which the restaurant got its name. Food is prepared according to old recipes adapted to the demands of today's guests. The interior of the restaurant is designed in the style of the old rural households, with a lot of wood and bricks that give warmth. Restaurant attracts guests that appreciate good food, unique ambience, beautiful gardens, live music and friendly prices.