Institute for Rehabilitation in Sokobanjska

Savath Institut za rehabilitacijuSavath Hospitality Management is engaged on the project of the implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP system in Institute for Rehabilitation in “Sokobanjska”, Belgrade and “Selters” Spa, Mladenovac. The Institut za rehabilitaciju Banjahealing tradition of Selters Spa started in 1898, when a thermal water spring was discovered. The Selters Spa is located on the spacious, wooded terrain on the slopes of Mount Kosmaj, 46km southeast of Belgrade.

During Institut za rehabilitacijuthe year the Selters Spa rehabilitates more than 7,000 patients. Within the spa is a modern new stationary with the restaurant for 250 persons, exclusive banquet hall and a swimming pool with warm water. Institute for Rehabilitation