Wellness and Spa Resort MARINA OASA in Grocka, Serbia

Marina OASAFuture Tourist and sports resort “Marina Oasa”, is just 30km away from the Serbia’s capital, situated right on the Danube river bank. The former Investbank's Resort, should become a modern tourist and sports resort, offering various assorted services such as nautical and sports tourism, hotel accommodation, wellness and relaxation, congress tourism, gastronomy, hunting & fishing and many others... On behalf of the investor, Appraisal Associates under the leadership of Mr. Dragan Jovanović, Savath HM has completed location best-use analysis and defined optimal resort concept. Future pearl of nautical, sports, gastronomic and recreational tourism will comprise of a four star hotel, individual appartment units, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an athletic track, restaurants, sports halls, tennis courts, and an attractive marina. For nautical tourists a contemporary marina will be built on the Danube river bank, with over 50 berths for river vessels of different sizes, from small scooters, power boats and yachts to large river cruisers. Resort "Marina OASA" will be competitive to similar facilities in Europe. Multifunctional facilities are tailored to the needs of domestic market and international guests alike.


Hotel40 double rooms25-30 m2
Apartmants20 two rooms apartmants40-55 m2
Restaurant with a terraceCapacity 150 places200 m2
Wellness and spa centerIndoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage rooms, fitness center, vitamin bar1.300 m2
Sports hallMini-sports courts and gym 
Congress centerWithin hotel complex800 m2
MarinaFor scooters, power boats and yachtsFor 50 berths