Implementation of the HACCP system

Implementation of the HACCP system

Standards are nothing more than insisting on the hones and fair relations towards the work that is done and the client that has the right to know what is buying!

What is the HACCP system and who is it relevant to?

What is the HACCP system?

  • HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points;
  • The HACCP system, which is science based and systematic, identifies specific hazards and measures for their control to ensure the safety of food;
  • HACCP is a risk management tool recognized internationally for use in the proactive management of food safety issues.
  • The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has developed international codex standards and guidelines with the aim of providing a high level of consumer protection and fair practice in the international trade of food and agricultural products.

Who is it relevant to?

After the new food safety legislations law has been passed in December 2009, implementation of the HACCP system is mandatory in all sectors of the food industry, including primary producers, manufacturers, processors and food service operators.

What are prerequisites for the HACCP implementation?

  • Compliance with the Food Safety Regulations
  • Good Hygienic Practice - General Principles of Food Hygiene
  • Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP

Implementation of the HACCP system and its significance

Savath Hospitality Management can help your business at every key step in the process of successfully implementing the HACCP system and arrange the operations in accordance with its requirements.

Our services:

  • Defining areas of application and purpose of the HACCP system;
  • Determination of meeting the requirements of legal regulations, codes, directives, etc.
  • Analysis of the compliance with the food safety programs;
  • Establishment of documentation for the HACCP system;
  • Implementation of internal checks;
  • Preparation for the certification and support during the certification of the HACCP system;
  • Maintenance of the system, after you’ve been issued with a certificate.

Importance of the HACCP system in the hospitality, hotel and tourism industry:

  • Compliance with the national and international laws and regulations;
  • Significantly reduces the occurrence of disease caused by food;
  • Protects guests and staff health;
  • Increases business effectiveness;
  • Reduces accident liability and
  • Increases life of facilities and equipment.