Hotel franchise

Help with Selection of the Hotel Franchise

Savath Hospitality Management maintains excellent relationships with some of the most famous and most popular international hotel brands, primarily with: InterContinental Hotels Crowne Plaza Hotels, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Best Western and Worldhotels.

Savath HM can quickly assess the availability of the brand, and recommend a brand that is best suited for a given project in order to provide maximum value for the investors.

If you are interested to join a hotel chain or marketing alliance, before you'll have numerous options. We can help you when selecting a hotel chain or brand that matches the investment requirements and provides the best business model.

When choosing a hotel franchise, we analyze:

  • Reputation of the hotel franchise and specific brand
  • Number of hotels in the chain
  • Position of the hotel brand over the competition
  • Brand standards and minimum requirements
  • Terms of franchise contract
  • Initial costs of joining the hotel franchise and fees paid to the Franchisor
  • Benefits for the franchisee

Negotiations with the Franchise Provider and Investor Support

Affiliation with a famous internacionalog hotel chain allows franchisees to use a successful business concept and famous name and reputation. In addition, hotel guests can enjoy the standard and quality of a product that are accustomed to.

Savath team will provide expert support that includes:

  • Correspondence with the franchise provider to ensure the consistent construction of the hotel in accordance with the standards of the brand.
  • Assist investors and developers to understand the requirements and specificities of the selected hotel chain.
  • Monitor the planning and design to ensure that the operational needs of hotel are respected and met.
  • Consultancy support regarding the design of guest rooms, public areas, food and beverage, the criteria for equipment and inventory from the aspect of hotel operations.