Project management


During the development of new hotel projects and renovations of existing facilities, Savath Hospitality Management can provide project management services that will ensure the most effective implementation of the project.

Project Management involves several phases, including writing feasibility studies, defining and optimizing the hotel project, tracking work progress, costs and other resources of the project.

Savath HM as a Project manager is:

  • project leader and coordinator
  • generator of activities and ideas
  • communicator with the various groups in the project
  • creator of the business climate

  • Project management involves the following services:

  • defining the schedule and plan of activities
  • analysis and optimization of architectural, construction and engineering projects
  • maximizing space and functionality of the systems
  • maximizing the stability and efficiency of technical systems
  • minimizing the costs of operation and maintenance
  • monitoring project realization and the quality of the work done
  • reporting to investors about the progress of the project