Analysis of possibilities for the development of hotel projects and Defining the hotel concept

Analysis of possibilities for the development of hotel projects

The purpose of this analysis is to provide an answer of whether there are objective conditions for development of hotel projects, based on the initial idea defined by interested investor.

Content of the analysis

This document covers the following areas:

  • convenience of location,
  • market review,
  • estimation of the budget,
  • investment opportunities.

Result of the analysis

Analysis of possibilities provides a significant support to the investor in his decision- making of whether to start or quit the investment process in the phase when costs are minimal.

Defining the hotel concept

Selection of an appropriate hotel concept is crucial for the success of the project. Using comparative analysis and practice, we define the optimal direction of hotel development that is adequate for investment possibilities and provides the best business model. We always insist that a hotel concept is based on the market demand, contemporary hotel standards and high quality service, and at the same time economically sustainable and profitable.

What is defined as the hotel concept:

  • Hotel’s market segment
  • Hotel type: (city, business, spa resort, boutique, garni, aparthotel...)
  • Hotel category
  • The number and structure of rooms and other facilities
  • Food and beverage and other facilities concept
  • Design guidelines
  • Hotel`s brand (franchise, marketing alliance or indipendent-brand)
  • Management model (management agreement, leasing, self management)