General Manager Coaching

General Manager (GM) Coaching refers to training and continuous support to the activities of the hotel’s General Manager, during the pre-opening period and during the first 12 months after the hotel is opened and operational. During the contract period, Savath HM consultant will provide a direct and permanent support to hotel’s GM. Direct consultant’s support includes assistance in the development and management of hotel’s operations, and is implemented in the form of engagement, recommendations and control on site by Savath HM consultants.

During the Coaching period (usually from 12-36 months), a specialized training program is provided for the GM, by foreign lecturers of the Institute for Hospitality Management / IFH Frankfurt, and professional support of Savath Hospitality Management.

Program of education and skills development is done simultaneously with the practical work and attendance of the certification seminars.

Specialized trainings for management include:

  • Basics of Hotel Management
  • Financial Management and Yield Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operational hotel functions
  • Sales and Marketing in Hospitality and e-marketing in hospitality
  • After completion of each seminar, students receive official IFH certificate, which is important for hotel chains that require professional management.