Hotel Management


Trend in hospitality and hotel industry shows that ownership is being often separated from the hotel operations, meaning that hotel owners are entrusting hotel management to the management companies or consultants.

Savath Hospitality Management is the first management company, which on behalf of the owner manages hotel units. We are verified by InterContinental Hotels Group to manage hotels in Serbia under their brand names. In the very competitive hotel market, we can provide you continual quality in operations and realisation of great business results.

Hotel Operations Management:


Savath Hospitality Management has signed Management Agreement of the hotel Holiday Inn Belgrade, with the company Belexpocentar. read more


Hotel Holiday Inn in the city of Novi Sad, the second one in Serbia, is expected to be opened in 2011. Project of 8500 m² is situated on the crossroad of Suboticki Boulevard and Futoska Street and the beginning of construction is planned for April 2010. Aleksandar gradnja – the investor of the project will invest 11 mil. Euro. This will be the first hotel in the province of Vojvodina operating under international brand name and Savath Hospitality Management is the managing company of the hotel project and operation. read more


Hotel Holiday Inn in the city of Kragujevac, Serbia, will be situated on the bank of the lake Bubanj, next to the Lepenicki Boulevard, which represents the entrance to the city of Kragujevac from the direction of Batočina. read more